God's Extravagant Gift Giving


God doesn't do White Elephant Christmas or Choose-Your-Own-Gift. He doesn't saddle you with things you don't really want. Like the big ugly lamp at my cousin's white elephant gift exchange this year. God doesn't fulfill your selfish requests. He doesn't just get you what you want, He gives you what you need. God is the true gift giver.

When some people get a gift they really want - something they've been telling people they want - maybe even literally coercing them to get for them - they might become so happy they will even do a funny dance. They may promise to be good. They may instantly become downright loving and kind. That's not really living. That's being too happy for something that might end up running or ruining your life.

I'm not trying to be a party pooper. I'm really trying to get down to the heart of things where God can have our whole heart as it should really be. It is my privilege, responsibility, and calling to lovingly tell you the truth. God doesn't do White Elephant or Gift on Demand. He gives you the priceless gift you need. Actually - the most costly gift ever - that everyone needs!

God is perfect and holy. Mankind is sinful. Jesus is the only answer. The only way of salvation. Shed his blood on the cross to purchase freedom for lost sinners. Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved. You will be fully forgiven. You will have new life in Christ. God will lead you, guide you, protect you, and provide for you. You will be safe in Him forever. That's the most extravagant gift ever. Costly to God, free to you.

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