How to Please God as a Christian Right Now

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God’s beloved become beloved to one another. We love our family in Christ. Yet this present moment we have been living and struggling through has tested the bonds of that love, almost to the breaking point.

Christian love is from Christ. We must resolve to actively love our brethren; to strengthen the ties that bind; not in legalistic ways that dictates what love must look like, or licentious ways that barely thinks about it.

God’s Word and Christ’s love compels us to love in ways that please Jesus, thinking of what’s best for one another, doing whatever we can do to build up our family in Christ, and reaching the nations with the Gospel.

That means we must show every consideration for everyone. We must always seek to do what is good and right and build up our loved ones. We must spend willingly and be spent for the souls of others.

I am aware of germs and I’m very careful — yet we have been pushed to brink of fearmongering at one extreme and recklessness on the other. Be extremely wise and trust the sovereign God who holds all things together.

Let others live their lives, use common sense, and do not be judgemental. Apply biblical truth and true love to your words regarding masks, vaccines, gatherings, and other issues you are interested in or worked up about.

This season has shown us how immature and unhealthy we are, it exposed our pre-existing conditions. We must depend 100% on the sovereign Lord.

God’s decrees are binding, must be obeyed without question. Man’s decisions must be weighed, and applied with wisdom.

So many Christians are insisting upon legalistic or licentious choices for other Christians. Own your decisions, don’t push them on others.

Stop all finger-pointing and accusations. God sees the heart. If you are innocent, humbly rejoice; if you are guilty, humbly repent.

May our hearts reflect this mindset and attitude:

Lord, it is only by Your mercy I am saved by Christ’s blood.

I, the worst of sinners, am thankful for Your superabundant mercy.

I want to glorify you.

Lord, you search and know me, see if there is any hurtful way in me; let my words and the thoughts of my heart — and my ministry — be pleasing in your sight — with persistent boldness, sincere motives, selfless service — O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. Amen.