Eternal Treasure

Christians, you are called to honor God as you rejoice and suffer through this life, working for what is real. Fix your minds on things above, not on the things of earth (Col. 3:1). Cling to what cannot be taken away. Everything you own is His. Earthly items, from trinkets to riches, will burn. We are all junk collectors of real property and things considered valuable under the sun. But we are to work for true riches. Heavenly reward. Eternal treasure.

There is only one way to show that we truly believe this: we consider eternal things of greater value than temporal things. Don't spend all your time and effort collecting garbage, but true riches. Living Stones, offer spiritual sacrifices pleasing to God. The unseen things, the eternal things, the non-flammable, rustproof, unbreakable, indestructible things. Is your heart fixated on gathering as much as you can here, and unconcerned about heaven?

In 1 Peter 3:8-12 Peter tells us how Christians are to live. He makes no comment about gathering anything but God and people things. He could have said it like this: "Get as much as you can while here on earth. Collect as many items of interest to you as possible. The one with the most toys wins." But He didn't. He basically said "Live for eternity in this temporary place. Invest in true riches. Honor God and His Word by doing what He says. Invest in what will last. Don't worry about the shifting sand of fleeting riches, temporary popularity, or disposable income."

Pour your life into what will last: people made in God's image and the Word of God. Fixate on what Jesus has done and how that transforms everything it touches. Work for what the world says at best is secondary, you will be misunderstood and maligned here, but richer there, and fulfilled in Christ, content with Him.

As A.W. Tozer said, “The man who has God for his treasure has all things in One. Many ordinary treasures may be denied him, or if he is allowed to have them, the enjoyment of them will be so tempered that they will never be necessary to his happiness. Or if he must see them go, one after one, he will scarcely feel a sense of loss, for having the Source of all things, he has in One all satisfaction, all pleasure, all delight. Whatever he may lose he has actually lost nothing, for he now has it all in One, and he has it purely, legitimately, forever.” (A. W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God(London, 1967, page 20.)

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