God is the Potter


How is it that people can lose or give up almost everything earthbound and be so joyful with a heavenly view? It is only Christ in us, our hope of glory. It is Jesus, our life. So no matter where we are, or are not, whatever we have, or don’t have, Jesus is enough. We yield everything to Christ. 

We trust God, the Potter. Clay is an inanimate object. Yet it is personified in Scripture. Clay cannot comprehend what the potter purposes and produces. Check out Rom. 9:19-21; Job 9:12; Is. 29:16, 45:9, 64:8; and Jer. 18:6. Every analogy breaks down at some point, but suffice it to say that God is in control and we are at His mercy. And He is loving, kind, and compassionate.

Because God makes us fully alive in Christ, we behold the beauty of Christ, and we by faith comprehend the wonderful mystery of the Gospel, and we in hope of eternal life experience the joy and the riches of Christ. Christ in us, our hope of glory. Jesus, the anchor of our souls. Jesus is our adequacy, our sufficiency, our very life.