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On the first Christmas the angels announced Christ's birth and proclaimed peace on earth. But for too many, it's not the case. Many experience conflict on a daily basis that spills over into the holidays. And so many people celebrate Christmas without peace. Fights, arguments, strife. Hatred rather than love. Enemies rather than friends. Peace often seems to be missing in our hearts, our homes and both hemispheres! War and unrest seem ever present. We live in a seemingly endless parade of conflict on war-torn earth. We basically are sin-sick people living in a sin-sick world and we need a huge dose of peace.

Picture a man wracked with guilt over sins he has committed. Picture a wife silently crying out to God for unity in her marriage. Picture a young child secretly hoping for the nightly arguments to stop. Picture a person unsure about whether he made the right decision. They all want peace. It might even be you. We need peace. Enter Jesus, Prince of Peace (Is. 9:6).

When I open my Bible I know with assurance that the words I am about to read are faithful and true. In a world cracking under the weight of constant conflict we need onjective truth. The word of God breaks into our world; breaking through human reasoning and sin and speaking truth in the midst of our huge need. We must believe God. He speaks peace to our souls. He answers our need with Himself. He is our peace (Micah 5:5; Eph. 2:14).