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Landing the 1 Peter Plane

I'm finishing 1 Peter this Sunday. Preaching 1 Peter 5:12...

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What to Do with Your Worries and Concerns

You may sincerely feel like you are at the breaking point. Like everything is crumbling around you and there is nothing to stand on or hold you up. You may grasp frantically for an answer and in a panic look for anything that might answer your wounded heart; some solution that will bring relief. There is one. ...

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The Death of Christ Brings Peace and Life

What do you do with a life filled with pain and misery? How about the person who expresses no need for God? How about the one who like a train to nowhere wanders aimlessly; or the one who recycles trouble like a continuous loop, an unbroken circle of missing links? Where do you point the person, the couple, the family, or even the church or community that seems to have los...

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Believing God at Christmas and Always

Believe God. ...

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