Death Could Not Hold Him

The wrath of man will be made to praise God (Ps. 76:10). Evil will not have full sway or final say. This is sure. It's been settled before all eternity. Jesus will reign forever. 

Rewind to Matthew 26:1-5. Jesus will die. On this both Jesus and His enemies agree. It would be messy, raw, uncut. Undiluted. The cross had to be nothing withheld. The cross had to be blunt-force trauma. Lethal injection. Death by sin. Perfection meets purification. The worst would be thrown at Him. The kitchen sink notwithstanding. And through it all not a misstep, not a murmur of doubt. It was all settled before the world began. This plan. This death. Seeming finality to the human conspirators. 

But death could not hold Him. And the outcome was never in doubt. At the cross God made evil boomerang on itself. Cosmic treason gave way to cosmic victory. So, who says your situation is unbearable? Who says your challenge is impossible? There is victory in Jesus, the Savior forever.