Believers Must Beware, Believers Must Share

Believers must beware. The sage, the psychic, the controlling authority figure stands above you in a superior posture and dispenses their "wisdom". The competitor, the opponent, the one who contends with you, stands off to the side and mocks, maligns, and generally harasses. The demon, the enemy, the father of lies, looks up from beneath and accuses, deceives, and attempt to destroy. All these are selling a faulty product, cheap imitations, empty promises. You must be on your guard.

Believers must share. The fellow believer, the kindred spirit, the true friend, stands by your side humbly, one team to help, because their heart is with you. They love you like Jesus does. So they point you once again to the only fountain of true life, the only answer to all of your issues, the sovereign Savior who substituted himself for you. The Christian points you to the Lord Jesus Christ. They don't just tell you the way but goes with you. They don't push you around, they lift you up to the Lord. Doesn't miss treat you but on her and respects you. A gift from God to you that inspires you to be just like they were to you for someone else.

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