How to Stay Consistent in God's Word

It's the beginning of February and right about now there are plenty of people feeling guilty about already abandoning their resolve to read the Bible every day this year. They stumbled and have fallen and they feel like they can't get up. We all know the feeling. It's a feeling of helplessness and failure, like when you want to lose weight or get back in shape but the hill seems insurmountable.

How can we move beyond this challenge and experience victory in something we know God wants us to do?

1. Still hold your resolve firmly but stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

It is possible to have a firm resolve and stick to it while not putting unhealthy pressure or guilt trips on yourself. Basically it is possible to follow Jesus and obey God and they healthy, God honoring way. You see, it doesn't honor God to try to do the Christian life in your own strength. When we try in our own strength we end up putting guilt trips and unhealthy pressure on ourselves to perform in a certain way.

2. Don't try to catch up, just do what you can do today.

It's not about checking every box and doing whatever the plans is to do on a given day. It's about hearing from God and loving him and obeying him every day. It's not about your performance, it's about his goodness and faithfulness.

3. Find the time, find some friends, and find God faithful.

Yes, I'm going back to what I preached and applied to our lives on 1/3/16. When we looked at James chapter 1 and how we ought to view God's word and engage in it every day. Here and to the word daily. In order to do that you're going to need to find some free time, and find some friends to help you stay accountable. And what you will see is that God is faithful to his every promise. He tells us that we are changed by his spirit through his word. He tells us that his word saves us and does it's work in us.

It will not be easy. It will continue to be a struggle. Any good thing that is worth investing our time in will be a challenge and have many obstacles.

So resolve it in your mind that you want to attend to what God says is important, but lay off pressuring yourself so much. Just do today what you can do today. Trust God. And then find the time, it's find some friends to walk the journey with. You will find God faithful because he always is. God bless you!

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