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Traveling Truths


Jesus was constantly helping people rearrange their heart-level priorities, be it a rich young ruler struggling with over attachment to possessions or a self-absorbed follower with an off-kilter, overburdened servant's heart. When we come to the frighteningly accurate realization that our hearts are 24/7 idol factories eagerly seeking things that will ruin us, we must fig...

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Insulted, and Blessed

Most people do not think of an insult as a blessing. But God does. God says that when you are insulted for the name of Christ you are blessed because God's Spirit rests on you....

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Scheming to Bless

Doesn't it always seem like we are scheming to get our needs met? We are angling, we are conniving, we are trying to work the angles so that we get what we want....

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Christmas Gospel Blessings - Truth vs. The Lie

What if the biggest lie ever made up was being sold as the answer to all your problems? It is. The world says "Be your own god. Find it within you and you'll have peace". What if the greatest truth ever told was being portrayed as the biggest lie? It is. The gospel, the good news, of how you can have peace with God through faith in the perfect life, substitutionary death a...

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