Grace and Glory

I get angry when things don't go my way. I'm a sinful man. I lose it when somone breaks something but won't fess up and I keep having to fix it. I grow impatient with slow growing souls but stay stunted in quasi-spirituality and make-believe righteousness. I'm good at pretending. I'm a class A actor on stage, when I live self-righteous on the outside and I'm harboring sin and insecurity on the inside. Hypocrisy wears a double mask. It only shows so much. It won't reveal the plain truth. I'm begging Jesus to free me. In my fog I cannot see that He already does. 

Where does my pride come from? What sinkhole did it crawl out from underneath? Under what rock was it hiding so Gollum-like, searching after my precious reputation? 

I will admit it: I want comfort. I want hope. I want everything to go the way I want. Sinful, selfish, too often preoccupied with myself. Grandeur and glory for me is on my menu, Babel-like towers to my own memory. But, this is not reality. This is where I must start my trek. Where Truth prevails. Truth wins. Love reigns supreme. God's grace and glory tower over human greed and grandeur. Therefore, I have hope, and forgiveness in Christ.