The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Scripture


Many people think that the answer to "how does one grow as a Christian?" is simply read the Bible and pray. In one sense Yes. But many take that as, "I read the Bible for five minutes, I pray a few moments, hang out once or twice a week with fellow believers. So, the rest of my time and money is mine to do with as I please. I'm good. They told me that's all I need to do."

It's easy to do the least amount possible to get by. What if you're a professional ballplayer, a doctor, defense attorney, mom, dad, or pastor saying "what's the least I can do to get by and no one's on my back?" It's not gonna fly.

It's easy to try and hide. Pervasive sin, temptation, long-held habits, pull us down, don't match up with a solid testimony for Christ. We hide those aspects of our lives from as many people as possible. As long as we can tip the scales in the right direction or make some progress before Sunday we are OK. It doesn't work that way.

Some think that if they overdo it with the Bible it will go bad on them. Like getting to know God via His word will make them arrogant or an annoying know-it-all. I've found people in the Word the most with a humble heart get an even humbler heart. Humbled in the presence of God. Awestruck at the glory of Christ. It has to do with where your heart is at.

If you believe Scripture is supreme and sufficient you won't be content with reading the Bible a little bit every day. You'll immerse yourself in the Word, think about it, talk about it, pray about it, let it wash over every aspect of your being. The difference between knowing a little about something and being an expert. I've found the most expert is always the most humble person in the room. The novice is the little know-it-all. A first year student in anything is dangerous because they think they know-it-all. The person that's been in the trenches year after year and has been through pain doesn't have to tell everyone how much they know.

It will be your life's driving passion to know God via the word of God, trusting the Spirit of God moment by moment. cultivate it as your life's habit. affect every decision. Soak in it so you take on its full flavor. Your personality flavored with the Bible. Cut you anywhere and you bleed Bible. Vision: the home, school, marketplace, public square drenched in Spirit-indwelt Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, Gospel-preaching people.

Cling to the sufficient and supremacy of Scripture. God uses it to change you. He can make your heart less restless, your mind less distracted, your family less neglected, your work less all consuming, your heart at rest in Christ. May your mindset and motive be only to love Jesus and do the will of God.

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