High-Roaders See Jesus

Grace Orange is on a 90-day journey of discovery, of taking our lives back from the sticky web of hypocrisy. It would be easy to take the low road and depress ourselves, but God wants us to take the high road and see Jesus. I am not interested in increasing guilty feelings, I'm interested in honest self-reflection for growth in Christ. That we would, as individuals,
households and a church, worship, see and savor our Sovereign Lord Jesus more.

I have been praying this week, as I do every week, asking the Lord, "what do You want for Your people at Grace this week?" As we gather, what should we to focus on? Sunday, it's what Jesus had to say to people who worked the system for selfish reasons, people who thought more of themselves and their ideas than Jesus and His Word. The goal is to be on the same page with Jesus, on board with His agenda. Whatever He said to correct the religious
elite of His day, the opposite is to be true of us. I look forward to seeing and savoring Jesus in all His magnificent glory with you.
We live, until Christ returns, for Jesus and the gospel,