What Christians Really Want

What do born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ really really want?

We want to know Jesus. We want to preach Christ crucified, risen and coming again. We want to humbly and boldly glorify God by thinking, speaking, and acting in line with the gospel. We want to value God's glory and Word above all others. We want to know and do what the Bible says. We want to joyfully sing of God's goodness and grace to us. We want to pray and trust God for humanly impossible and highly improbable outcomes. We want to live from the overflow of Christ in us, our hope of Glory. We want to do many good things for the Name of Jesus. We want to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs.

We want to show our love for Jesus by loving others. We want to spend and be spent for the sake of others. We want to live for Jesus and the gospel. We want what's best for Christ's kingdom.  We do not want to magnify ourselves or look out for our own personal interests, because God has given us a new set of values and desires. Things that used to be of primary importance to us have lost their magnetic appeal. We are not yet experiencing all that God has reserved for us but we are feasting on God's glorious gospel goodness and we know it is worlds better than anything this world has to offer. 

Worldly pleasures no longer hold us in their grip. Greed is replaced by a desire for generosity. Arrogant pride is eclipsed by being humbly poor in spirit. Momentary pleasure and happiness is replaced by abiding peace and joy. Sin still entices us but it has lost its power as we are kept by the power of God for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. We greatly rejoice in this reality even though we may be temporarily undergoing various trials designed to show the true substance of our faith. We want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection, being conforned to His death and transformed by His life. We want to be renewed in our minds.

Simply put, we want what God wants because we now belong fully to Him. We realize this was settled before the world began and we are thrilled by the workings of God's Grace in Christ towards us. We cannot fathom the depth of love that purposes our redemption but we joyfully dive deep into the depths of God's glorious gospel, finding new treasures of this transforming truth as we consider Christ's vast riches. We want everyone to know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

We want all these things because Jesus took our place, died for our sins, drew us to Himself, caused us to be born again through His resurrection, saved our souls, made us new, and gave us an inheritance with all other saved and set apart ones. We want to be ready and eagerly waiting for His return. We want to love Jesus most, live for His glory, and long for His return. 

So we purpose to live as God ordains, humbly and dependently receiving from His hand every good and perfect gift of His grace. Actively engaged on His mission. For the glory of God and good of Christ's Church.

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