Crazy Sin

I know he's an easy target, but Judas Iscariot was a piece of work. Matthew 26:14-25: He bargains with Jesus' enemies, to betray Him for 30 pieces of silver (4 months wages). He hypocritically hangs with Jesus and the disciples for Passover. Jesus says one of them will betray Him. The others are grieved. Judas sits there with his silver. Jesus mingles the Sovereign will of God with man's responsibility for his sin. The one who betrays Him will wish he'd never existed. A Woe of gargantuan proportions. And still (!!!) Judas does the evil deed. How hard-hearted. How far down the road of perdition. How deceptive sin is. How terrified we should be to go against the Lord Jesus. How clinging to our gospel hope - Jesus our only hope - must we be!!! Lord, have mercy.

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