Imitating Christ Leads to Unified Worship and Witness


Some thoughts on Romans 15:1-6:

The number one reason to live in unity in Christ is Jesus Christ. We are to carry one another and please others and build them up because Jesus took all the reproaches, insults, and reviling against God at the cross. He died in our place so that we might be clothed in His righteousness and live by His mercy and grace.

God grants edification, endurance, and encouragement. God grants unified worship and witness. We know that blatant sin hinders harmony. Another thing that fractures fellowship and growth in Christlikeness, and effective evangelism, is discord among church members.

We are fooling ourselves and being unfaithful to the Lord if we think that we can keep on sinning and not repenting, and keep causing divisions among fellow believers and not make things right. It really messes things up and it displeases the Lord. Let’s stop trampling on God’s grace and start being people of mercy. Let’s glorify God together - every local church unified.

The number one source of unity is Jesus Christ. Worship, trust, and obey Him!