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God values life. He is the giver of physical life. He is the giver of eternal life. His ways are life not death. And he wants us to value life like he does.

But we live in a culture that devalues life. And we are living in a time when literally thousands upon thousands of babies have been killed due to someone else's convenience or choice. As the giver of life God is in control of human life. Man should never take the place of God.

But man continues to assert his supposed autonomy and tries to be an authority over God. How foolish. Man continues to play God. Not until man bows before God's throne and acknowledges God's sovereignty will man appropriately exercise his responsibility and exercise the will God gave him to do what is right and good and true.

I've said it before, we cannot expect unbelievers to act like believers. But believers should stand for the truth. Believers should stand for life. Believer should never support the killing of innocent babies. And so in what has become a hotly contested political issue, we stand on the side of God and his word as it pertains to life and its value. We stand for the sanctity of human life, all life; young and old, rich and poor, believer and unbeliever alike.

All praise to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been saved by sovereign grace alone, through the gift of faith alone, in Christ alone, as revealed in Scripture alone, for God's glory alone.

Jesus loves you!

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