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“How Should a Christian Respond to Roe V. Wade Being Overturned?”

A Christian ought to rejoice when something good happens. We should not gloat and we should not be hateful to anyone, but continue to trumpet the gospel call that all who believe in Jesus Christ will be saved....

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Why John 3:16 changes everything

John 3:16 is big. It is not light and fluffy, it is significant and weighty. It tells us the basis of the cross. It tells us why Jesus died in our place. It tells us why his precious blood was shed. And it gives us the answer for why we can have any hope of being saved. Nicodemus came to Jesus at night, because he was afraid of his fellow countrymen who hated Jesus. It is...

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God values life, we stand for life

God is the giver of life. We must stand for life....

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A Christian Perspective on Death

How is a Christian to view death? It helps to start with how a Christian is to view life....

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The Death of Christ Brings Peace and Life

What do you do with a life filled with pain and misery? How about the person who expresses no need for God? How about the one who like a train to nowhere wanders aimlessly; or the one who recycles trouble like a continuous loop, an unbroken circle of missing links? Where do you point the person, the couple, the family, or even the church or community that seems to have los...

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How to Live a Life Your Kids (and others) Can Follow

Ten things that, if practiced , will transform your life. ...

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Are You a Judas or a Peter?

Judas found no place for repentance; Peter did. We all sin, but we aren't all being saved. ...

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