Looking to Jesus

A War Letter

A War Letter

Bringing word from country far
Cutting deep and leaving a scar
Peace like a river another day
The wars begun, we are in the fray

Battle rages and soldiers fall
Beckoning mighty trumpet call
Broken and bruised, the soul gives way
Blood flows down for another day

Frustration carries a lonely tune
Finding the fury in full bloom
Fearing not enemy nor yonder foe
Final the river that does yet flow

Kindness lacking and mercy too
Kindreds hearts are far and few
Kinder hearts might soon prevail
Killing the hand that lifts the veil

Dire the call, surveying the scene
Dead to the world and it's schemes
Dyed in the wool this manger plan
Dread on the face of the fallen man

Time is fading and the light is too
Trials unfolding with the end in view
Trending upward as we sing this song
Traitors we're not though the day is long 

Vices exposed and left undone
Vanquished foes for kingdom come
Victory sure and heaven won
Valiant Savior, the light of the Son

We know that we are torn in two
We find that we are born anew
Weathering every storm to pass
Wanting the prize to see at last

Grace to be brought on beautiful day
Giving the night it's final say
Gaining a treasure to never be lost
Great outcome at tremendous cost.



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