Christmas Gospel Blessings - Truth vs. The Lie

What if the biggest lie ever made up was being sold as the answer to all your problems? It is. The world says "Be your own god. Find it within you and you'll have peace". What if the greatest truth ever told was being portrayed as the biggest lie? It is. The gospel, the good news, of how you can have peace with God through faith in the perfect life, substitutionary death and physical resurrection of Christ is being presented as the most horrific, ridiculously absurd story ever. God creating the world and His eternal plan to break into that world in the form of His creation in order to rescue fallen, sinful, depraved mankind in the person of Jesus Christ crucified, risen and coming again is thought by many to be a fairy tale. Crazy stuff, I know. 

We who believe have a different take on things. We don't need to spin anything or twist the story. We tell it like God gave it. We preach, proclaim and live the truth of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Folly to the perishing; life and peace to all who believe. Romans 1:16 tells us that the gospel is the power of God for salvation to all who believe. Praise God, it is working in power this very moment.