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Christmas Points to the Gospel

Christmas Blog

The Gospel is the good news of the grace and power of God to redeem undeserving sinners to eternal life through Jesus’ perfect, sinless life; substitutional, sacrificial death; and resurrection from the grave. ...

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Sermon in a Nutshell: Romans 10:8-10


Sermon in a Nutshell: Romans 10:8-10 “Believe and Confess and You will be Saved”...

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Sermon in a Nutshell: Romans 10:11-13 “Calling on Christ: From Sin and Shame to Salvation”


Sermon in a Nutshell: Romans 10:11-13 “Calling on Christ: From Sin and Shame to Salvation”...

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Strong Assurance in Christ


Rest assured, God graciously and sovereignly chose you, and nothing can separate you from His love in Christ. Nothing means nothing. God doesn’t deal in man-determined situational destinies, He is the God of unconditional election. He put no conditions on you. Your salvation doesn’t depend even 1% on you. He decided and acted upon His choice. Salvation is all of God. A...

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Jesus Loves You!


Jesus loves you because He made you, chose you, and saved you; not because of your good behavior. ...

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Working it Out


Based on the exalted preeminence of the crucified, risen, returning Lord Jesus Christ, we are to intentionally be and do what God calls us to be and do, in His strength, for His glory....

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Friendliness and Gospel Tracts

I'm really glad people interact with other people in friendly ways and give them little cards with Bible verses on them to point them to faith in Christ. I'm glad that we have the freedom and I'm glad that God puts it on the hearts of many to step outside their selfish bubble and reach out with the love of Jesus....

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Thoughts on Holiness and the Heart

I need Jesus every moment. ...

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Salvation Views: A Call to Love and Conviction

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, and we are taking our rest, what will make any difference, what will be the significance, what will matter most? Not what I have said and done, not what I have determined, not what I have called significant, not what I deemed as matter-some. Because I am a child of the King of the Universe....

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Do You Feel Condemned?

I know that some people celebrate and condone sin. But most people I know, and most people that would show up to a church, feel more condemned for their sins....

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Assurance of Salvation

Many Christians lack assurance of salvation, while some unbelievers live with false assurance. How can you know for sure if you are saved?...

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