Be On the Alert

Most weeks the news is filled with all kinds of bad news. This week was no exception. This past Wednesday terrorists armed themselves and cold-bloodedly slaughtered a group of people. More related violence continued on Thursday. It was despicable, horrendous, evil. And once again, the world is on alert.

One thing terror attacks remind us of is that evil runs rampant in the hearts of man. The human heart is capable of tremendous evil. We are also reminded that life can change in an instant. We have an expectation of a certain routine, but things can change in the blink of an eye, without warning; even if someone else has been planning it for a long time. In the case of man a terrorist plan can be hatched years before. In the case of God, his purposes are from Eternity.

There's so much about our lives that is routine and even mundane, but do not be surprised if things change in an instant. As a result you may feel startled. Like when you get woke up from a deep sleep. You may feel knocked off balance like in a tug of war. Or like you are slipping. Your reaction might be one of shock. Or fear of what might happen next. We wonder. God wants us to have a settled peace. Firm footing in a shaky world. Steadfast hope amidst movable objects. A firm resolve to be on the alert and trust Him in everything.

We must remember and know with assurance that there is nothing man can do to us when we are in Christ. Even if we are killed for our faith in Christ, or when we die physically from whatever causes God allows, our battle with sin is over and we will be ushered into the joy of heaven. This is what Peter is getting out in 1 Peter 4:1–6. We are to arm ourselves with the purpose, the resolve, the thought of Christ. He suffered in the flesh, which means he died in our place on the cross. Therefore we must be willing to die for our faith in Christ. We must abandon sin and focus on our new life in Christ while we are here on earth. Don't be swayed by the evil of man. God's greatness is always on display.

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