Know for Certain that Jesus is Lord

Acts 2:36 "Let all the house of Israel therefore know assuredly that God has made him both Lord and Christ, this Jesus whom you crucified."

The contrast between Israel's treatment of Jesus and God's is huge. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah. Mark 14:61-62 "The high priest questioned him saying are you the Son of the Blessed One? Jesus said I am and you shall see the son of man sitting at the right hand of power, and coming with the clouds of heaven." The Sanhedrin rejected his claim as blasphemous and condemned him to death. On the other hand God proved his claim true and brought him back from the dead and exalted him at his own right hand as Lord and Messiah.

At his baptism Christ's Messiahship was proclaimed. It was confirmed by his resurrection. He was declared to be the Son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead (Romans 1:4). He was exalted not only as Messiah but as Lord. This first Christian sermon, the first apostolic preaching, led to the first apostolic creed: "Jesus is Lord" (Romans 10:9; 1 Corinthians 12:3; Philippians 2:11). He is Lord not only as the bearer of the title but as the bearer of the Name which is above every name. (Philippians 2:9). To the Jews there was only one Name above every name… The name of the God of Israel. Represented in the synagogue reading of the Scripture by the title "Lord". The apostles called Jesus Lord in the highest sense. It's proven by the fact that they do not hesitate to apply to Him passages of Old Testament Scripture referring to God Almighty.

Fellow believers, please hear these words and cling to them. You ascribe the title of Lord to Jesus – the name the Father gave him – and you instantly set yourself in opposition to the world powers who claim to be lords and reject Christ. Just be ready and aware. Human popularity is not a promised outcome of holding unswervingly to the Gospel. A cross is. You have the privilege to die to self and live to God. Let the nations rage. Let secularists and humanists boast of their autonomy. Let everyone stand in opposition. Let them drag your name through the mud in the public square. Let the chips fall where they may. You acknowledge Christ's Lordship. You stand for Gospel truth. Because you are eternally safe in Christ.