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Seriously? What???? One Step Closer to Home

One Step Closer

Seriously? What???? The latest notable Christian who is leaving the faith made his de-profession today....

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Hold Your Tongue


I don't know how many times I have spoken words that I ought not to have uttered. Far too many times to count, and far too many times I have needed to repent of words foolishly spoken. I think it's really easy for us to say what does it matter what I say in any given moment? Jesus said we'd give an account for every word carelessly spoken (Matthew 12:36). That's why it mat...

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Repentance that Leads to Life

What is the nature of repentance?...

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Speaking of Repentance, Break Up the Fallow Ground!

True repentance is a change of heart and mind and actions; away from sin and toward God. ...

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A Beautifully Strange Journey

It's a beautifully strange journey. Cosmic and mundane. God's providence and blood, sweat, and tears; sovereign Grace working in and through the elect. A Holy God redeeming sinful man. A process for which we praise the glory of God's grace in Christ....

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Are You a Judas or a Peter?

Judas found no place for repentance; Peter did. We all sin, but we aren't all being saved. ...

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Repentance Revisited: The Other Half of the Gospel

Some people get disillusioned and say this Jesus thing doesn't work. It's because they are walking around with only half a gospel. ...

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Repentance is Heart Work

Repentance is ongoing heart work. It is a way of life enabled by the Holy Spirit. ...

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Jesus says Repent

All people should turn from their sins and trust in Jesus Christ. ...

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The Gospel Implications of Repentance

The gospel of the grace of God in Christ is drenched in mercifully provided repentance that not only restores vitality of faith but health in Christ's body the Church. It is something for which we must pray and rejoice when it comes. It is needed like air, on a moment by moment basis. For the flourishing of Christ's Bride and for the nations to be made glad in God (Acts 5:...

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