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Archives for January 2015

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Costly Love Thoughts

This agape is not sentimental fluff, but a substance found only in the truly converted, which springs forth in humble outbursts of gospel-infused sacrificial service for, to, and through, Jesus....

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Come, Lord Jesus

A Goapel-infused poem/hymn/song that expresses a longing for Jesus to return....

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What Not To Be Known For

Don't be the kind of person who is known for their sin....

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Insulted, and Blessed

Most people do not think of an insult as a blessing. But God does. God says that when you are insulted for the name of Christ you are blessed because God's Spirit rests on you....

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Rejoice as You Share Christ's Sufferings

We hate to suffer, but God loves to cause us to rejoice in suffering....

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Do Not Be Surprised at the Fiery Trial

There was and is a fiery trial for believers in the Lord Jesus. It is to test our faith. ...

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Speaking, Serving, Praising

As we use our God-given gifts to serve the body of Christ, it is to be for the praise and glory of God....

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Good Stewards of God's Grace

1 Peter 4:10 is focused on Christians serving one another in the body of Christ....

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God's People Share God's Mission

God's people share God's mission. We may not always feel, look, or act like it, but when God reconciled us to Himself through Christ we became ambassadors for Christ in a very needy world (2 Cor. 5:17-21)....

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The Heart of Hospitality

Hospitality is more than inviting people over and entertaining lots of people in your home. It's more than being ready, willing, and able to make a meal for someone at a moment's notice. Those things are very helpful and often a great blessing. but the heart of hospitality goes much deeper....

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God's Love Protects from Sin's Damaging Effects

The love of God shown by His people to one another provides a protective covering from sin's damaging effects....

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Just Pray About It?!

Why would God give us a stock answer and what does 1 Peter 4:7 have to do with our daily life?...

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Be On the Alert

Don't be swayed by the evil of man. God's greatness is always on display. ...

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Not Worth the Loss of All Things

Sin is not worth the loss of all things. Only Jesus is....

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