Sermon in a Nutshell: Rom. 10:5-7


This past Sunday’s sermon in a nutshell*: Rom. 10:5-7. “The Impossible Made Available.”

Works righteousness is humanly impossible (10:5). God has made salvation readily available (10:6-7).

You don’t have to chase through the universe to figure it out on your own. God sent Christ in the incarnation and raised Christ in the resurrection. God made the way of salvation clear.

Therefore: Why would we ever think that we could add to this by trying to earn our way to God after we’ve already been accepted by God? (Think Galatians). Why would we downplay it and think that it isn’t that important and live in ways that displease God? (Think Corinthians). And as we evangelize and disciple people, Why would we add things to the Gospel? Don’t expect unbelievers to clean up their act before they come to Christ. Why would we twist or leave part of the gospel out? Like not mentioning sin or God’s judgment.

We can’t save ourselves and we don’t need to go searching for it. God has made the impossible available; he has brought salvation near in Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria


*”in a nutshell” means to sum something up in a few words. ... Shakespeare may have been one of the first to use it as a metaphor for something small; by the 1800's the phrase was commonly used for a brief summary.