Crossing the Kidron


"Crossing the Kidron"
(Inspired by Matthew Holbrook's sermon on John 18:1-11)

Heavy feet crossing the bloody brook,
Heavy heart crossing the awful ravine,
The God-man going resolute,
Committed to die for my heinous sin.

He knew it all yet crossed that path,
Absorbing wrath and scorning shame,
To hold my soul for eternity,
To take my death and call my name.

Jehovah keeping His eternal flock,
I am He said the great I AM,
Drinking the cup that fell to Him,
Directing the script set before time began.

Walking the path marked out for me,
Crossing bloody brooks cheerfully,
I go on His mission for the souls of men,
Knowing I'm kept for all eternity.

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Wonderful poem captures the picture of Christ expressed in John 18. Pastor Mike should publish his poems. They're great! I'm sure many Christians would be blessed to own a book of his poems.

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