How Not to be Ashamed of the Gospel


How to Not be Ashamed of the Gospel

What if you are ashamed? Here's how to not be ashamed:

1. Make sure you know Jesus. Called to belong?

2. Make sure there is no sin clogging the arteries of your spiritual heart. Confess. Repent.

3. Reject fear inducing pressure to conform to a certain way of thinking or acting as a Gospel-carrying Christian. You're a carrier. Bear the good news well.
The resurrection crowns Jesus Lord over all. Not just certain races, not just the educated, not just people in some countries. Think about the unlikely people in your life: family, workplace, school, neighborhood, people of other religions, atheists. Tell them the truth.

How to grow in boldness, unashamedness, and generosity with the Gospel.

1. Dwell in the love of God. Christ's love in our hearts breeds eagerness.

2. Don't push eagerness away due to fear. Our responsibility is to God, not how people feel about us.

3. Push through fear and walk by faith. Sorta scary sometimes and exhilarating.

4. Tactful Truth-telling = Humble bold. Truth will offend righteously; tact will not offend egregiously. Let our message offend, not our manner. The unoffended should not be personally offensive to the unsaved.

For what have you received the most opposition from others? What if it was the thing that could save them?  The thing that caused Paul the most shame was the glorious thing he was not ashamed of, offended by, or stingy with because it is God's power to save.
Countercultural message the world considers crazy and untrue. Humbles us together at the foot of the cross. Fosters a unified church living on mission.

The reason we are not ashamed of, offended by, or stingy with the gospel: your being and the Body now is a holy temple of God in which He dwells by His mercy and grace. Worth celebrating today. Jesus said, blessed is the one who is not offended by me.