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We just finished a one-year-plus verse-by-verse preaching series through Ecclesiastes! Only our sovereign God, who providentially orchestrates everything, could have it start when Covid19 stopped life, and end when things are somewhat getting back to normal. Wow.

I’ve said a lot of things over this past year as I have preached through this book. And I thought this might be a good time to throw in a few additional summary comments.

First, Life is a gift. Solomon had to feel it as he wrote this spiritual journal to teach younger ones wisdom. God is the giver of life and eternal life. In His good pleasure He decides. God is holy and righteous. He graciously gives life and intends for us to worship and obey Jesus.

Second, God’s sovereignty and our sinfulness. I’m struck by how perfectly good God is and how pervasively bad we are.  It couldn’t be clearer. God is so holy and we have this prevailing tendency to perpetrate injustice and oppression. Only God saves. Jesus is our hope.

Third, Solomon had regrets but he rejoiced in God’s good grace. He learned his lessons and he passed them on to us for our benefit and God’s glory. He did not wallow in his worrisome sins, he confessed them and kept moving. He received God’s forgiveness. So must we, in Christ.

Fourth, God’s absolute mercy in forbearing in light of impending judgment is astounding. Mortal man rages in sin and rails against his Creator and God is patient. He wants us to live repentant. There will come a day of ultimate reckoning, only God knows. Jesus is returning.

There is much more but I will leave it at that. All of our sermons are online in video and audio formats to review and pass on to others. I encourage you to keep worshiping God moment by moment and obeying His perfect written Word. This is what we were made for!