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Are You a Contributor or Consumer?

It is so easy to come to worship with the mindset of a critical consumer rather than a Christ-honoring contributor. I have often said that we should be able to worship God in any setting, with any style of music, in a Christian worship service and exalt Jesus, however not-my-style the music is. Here's an example where I completely missed the mark, where I had a consumeristic attitude as it relates to worship:

I was at a ministry gathering with fellow believers where I didn't connect with the worship. And honestly I didn't desire to. I was inwardly judgmental and critical. I thought it was very flashy, very rah rah, and considered the content shallow not deep, focused more on man than the attributes of God. I yearned for Christ-centered Gospel-drenched lyrics and less showy leaders. I didn't enter in with all my heart. I was more a judge and critic than a participator and contributor. Therefore I was guilty of a me-first, self-centered consumeristic mindset rather than being a sold-out, totally-abandoned contributer. And God wasn't glorified in my offering. He was glorified in my repentance though. And it gave me a renewed resolve to check my attitude at the door.

Are you adoring the Savior or absorbed with yourself?

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