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One of the most dire and prevalent issues facing Christians today is not found among the life-threatening external threats of terrorism, murder, and other mindless acts. It is not counted amongst worldwide political and economic upheaval, or even amidst fears of persecution or other hostilities. It is not on the A-list of social maladies such as abortion, homosexual agendas, euthanasia, or a host of other God-dishonoring and soul-tormenting things. It isn't our numerous health concerns. What assail our souls most as Christians is the mind-numbing trifecta of the world, the flesh, and the devil. This threat comes via a potent internal mixture of fear, doubt, and fleshy lusts. And it shows itself most readily in ignorance of our identity and lack of assurance of our security in Christ.

It attacks at our weakest point and seems to eat away at the foundation of our faith. Or so it seems. Our greatest need then, is to be informed as to our identity and assured regarding our security in Christ. This is never more evident than in 1 Peter. Peter informs and reassures suffering Christians, not with strategies to battle outside enemies that threaten to kill or control them. He comforts them with the comfort of soul-satisfying sword-of-the-Spirit truth rooted in our Sovereign Savior which counteracts the venom of soul-destroying lies.

Do you ever wonder if you really belong to Jesus? or doubt your standing in Christ? or question whether He really is and does what God's Word says He is and does? Do you ever feel like you're losing your faith?

Our worship and fellowship gatherings are very important times for us to be reminded and reassured of our standing in Christ and grasp together God's settled Truth while basking in the glory of our all-sufficient, preeminent Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Never forget, believers, that you are possessed by Christ.

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