Living in the Last Days

The Tribulation. The Millenium. The Rapture. The last days. The end of time. Christ's imminent return. Words that cause some to salivate and others to break out in a cold sweat. Some believers relish the thought, others get bogged down in the details, and others don't give it much thought. Some want it delayed until certain cherished and hoped for things happen in their lives. 

Christ's disciples thought that all the promises would be fulfilled in their lifetime. Jesus told them they were right to expect it but there would be a delay in realizing their expectation.  Funny, sad or just the way things are, while some want it delayed, they wanted Christ's appearing. They wanted it now. Jesus said it would be in God's good time.  He told them to live hungry for His return while preaching the good news to desperate souls. 

That's how we should live in the last days. Christians must be eagerly awaiting Christ's return while remaining engaged in gospel opportunities.

Read: Matthew 24-25.