Jonathon Edwards on Christian Citizenship


Jonathon Edwards (1703-58) observed that first century Romans considered love of country the highest virtue. Edwards believed he was first a citizen of heaven, and Christ preeminent over him, and you should preach the Gospel at risk of ostracism. Nevertheless, you must also obey Scripture at every point. Therefore,

Edwards observed the social and political currents swirling about him and developed this regarding Christian citizenship:

1. Christians have a responsibility to society beyond the walls of the church.

2. Christians should not hesitate to join forces with non-Christians in the public square to work toward moral goals.

3. Christians should support governments but be ready to criticize them when occassion demands.

4. Christians should remember politics is comparatively unimportant in the long run.

5. Christians should beware national pride.

6. Christians should care for the poor. (Daniel 4:27 break off your sins, practice righteousness, show mercy to the oppressed.)

(See also, One Holy and Happy Society: The Public Theology of Jonathan Edwards By Gerald R. McDermott)