Are You a Judas or a Peter?


How about us?

1 in 5 Americans say they don't even know a Christian. Let's say they know you, and you say you are a Christian; the question is: are you for real? How do you know if you are? (For starters, read John 15:1-17).

What are we doing? Are we for real? Are we playing games? Are we a Judas (sinfully opposed and eternally lost) or a Peter (sincerely wrong yet truly repentant and truly saved)? Judas found no place for repentance; Peter did. We all sin, but we aren't all being saved. 

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Great topic. I've often wondered if Judas's motivation was for just a love for money? Feeling wronged by Jesus? Or was it the mounting pressure of what was to come, and Judas wanted to try to distance himself from it.

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