Good Grace Awakens Frozen Hearts

God's Grace in Christ regenerates us and gives us new life. We desire Christ and He keeps His Word. All who come to Him will never be cast out. Here is a poem that explains in prose the sovereign process of man acknowledging sin and turning to Jesus.

"Good Grace"

Proud the heart
That condemns love
Lost the soul
Not born above

Undone the man
Who knows his shame
But shrinks to fight
And takes no blame

Flee the wrath
Condemned one
Run to Him
Don't be undone

Find safety now
Settled and secure
Your place is here
Your end is sure

No one can stand
Before the throne
In righteousness 
Built on his own

You must be born
Alone you're lost
You must know grace
Bought at great cost

The precious blood
Innocent flowed
Purchasing life
Good grace has showed

The King at last
Will remake all
Until then live
At His beckon call.


Michael W. Sciarra, 3/12/14.

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