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What's Next? By the grace of God, this Sunday I will preach sermon #168 of 168 in Matthew in all three services at Grace Orange. We have come to the end of this gospel. A lot has happened in the past 5 years. People have met and gotten married. Babies have been born. People have gone to be with Jesus. There have been 4 generations of iPads plus an Air and 2 minis. People keep asking me What's Next? That's what Jesus' disciples were wondering After the resurrection. 

People at Grace Orange want to know what I'll be preaching next. It's a good question. It reflects anticipation, hunger for God's Word and a humble-bold learner's mentality. So what is next? The Lord willing, I will be unveiling that in coming weeks. I've been planning out my preaching schedule for 2014 and I am very excited about it.

What was next for Christ's disciples now that Jesus was risen from the dead? The dreadful shadow of the cross had been replaced with awestruck worship of a risen Savior. Notice the extraordinary "Alls" in Matthew 28:16-20: All authority belongs to Jesus Christ, all nations are to be reached, all disciples are to identify fully with God in all His triune glory, all disciples are to obey all of Jesus' commands, all disciples are assured of Christ's all-encompassing presence. It's big, because it's God's work. It's beautiful, because it's for His unmatched glory. 

The sky's the limit. What's next?