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Looking to Jesus

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How to Stay Consistent in God's Word

It's the beginning of February and right about now there are plenty of people feeling guilty about already abandoning their resolve to read the Bible every day this year. They stumbled and they fallen and can't get up. ...

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He of Cradle, Cross, and Crown

A poem about Jesus. ...

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Preaching is Almost an Alien Activity

Preaching is almost an alien activity. We get up, frail humans holding the perfect Word of God, trusting God to do something that we could never do. ...

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Hear and Do Everyday

HEAR AND DO GOD'S WORD EVERYDAY. Commit to start or continue a daily discipline of time in God's Word and prayer....

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A poem about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ....

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Being a Christian

Being a Christian is about trusting in Jesus Christ for salvation apart from anything you can do....

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Jesus Saves in Amazing Ways

Jesus saves in amazing ways....

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No Distinctions

Jesus cares....

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How Should Christians Respond to the Threat of Terrorism?

Rockets launching, bombs blasting, people hating, people dying. It's the world in which we live. From the garden of Eden to the neighborhood where you live. What are we to do? The answer for Christians is not simple, it is simply Biblical....

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Mercy Remains

And once again, in spite of us, God's mercy remains. ...

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