The Dark hour of the Soul

March 3, 2024 Speaker: Newton Chilingulo Series: Guest Speaker

Topic: The Dark hour of the soul Passage: Job 3:1–26

  1. What did you find most helpful from the sermon? Anything confusion or unclear than needs clarification?
  2.  Job 3 teaches us that even godly people are not immune to suffering. Why do you think that is helpful to remember?
  3. What is the difference between Job’s responses in chapters 2 and 3. Why do you think he responded different  in chapter 3?
  4. Job was brutally honest with God about his feelings. Do you take your frustrations to the right person?
  5. There is no rebuke from God about Job’s frustrations. What does that teach us about the character of God?
  6. It is not wrong to ask the WHY question. After all Jesus asked the WHY question. What is the right attitude in asking the WHY question?

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