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Leveraging the Scattering

How you can you be a good evangelist, leveraging the scattering we already do (geographically) and the scattering God allows through persecution?

A. Get to know God. Learn who He is. Take His yoke upon you. Humbly trust Him. >How is your life with Jesus? Hidden heart. How is the Word changing you? How is the Gospel transforming you? >How is your family life? >How is your marriage? Or singleness. >How is your ministry? >your relationships?

B. Get to know each other. True fellowship is caring and sharing in community. Who are you accountable to? Who can you share your deepest struggle with? Who is carrying your burdens? Who can tell you the truth? Whose burdens are you carrying? Pray God be glorified. You are a blessing to others. God uses you to meet people’s needs. Friendships built and strengthened.

C. Get to know your neighbors. Maybe your heart has grown cold towards your Super 8. Prayer, Share, Care. Who has been blessed by your kind word, encouragement, invitation?

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