God Gave Them Up Romans 1:24-32

October 15, 2017 Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 1:24–1:32

Discussion Questions:

1. What examples of distorted worship leading to distorted ways do you see in these verses?

2. Read 2 Tim. 3:1-4:5. What do you do with Biblical truth that cuts squarely against the grain of where the culture is going and where many in the Christian community are going? How can we lovingly, humbly, and boldly hold to the truth, speak the truth, and live the truth?

3. Read Matt. 7:1-6 and Jas. 5:7-16. How can we empathetically journey through life with people who are all in the same sin boat as us; not condemning, celebrating, or condoning sin, but confessing our own sin and relying on God's mercy?

4. How does knowing and accepting the truth about God and ourselves help us see the seriousness or heinousness of sin? (Note: A godless mindset leads to godless living and more godlessness. God himself is the one who is rightly angry at our sin and is the one who gives us over, not just letting us have our way, but judging us for our ways. And the only way back into the good graces of God is through repentance. Unless and until we turn from sin, we will continue to go our own way.)

5. Read 1 Cor. 10:1-13. Share some examples of times when reading a biblical account of people who sinned warned you against sinning. Maybe it's the story of Adam and Eve, maybe it's the story of the Israelites in the wilderness, maybe it's the story of King Saul going bad, maybe it's Judas and his betrayal of Christ. What Biblical examples of sin has God used to help you stay away from sin?

6. How does knowing that God really is aware of sin change your decision-making? (Note: We will always be faced with a choice between God and sin, God's will and our desires, condemning others for their sin while trying to justify ours. We are also always faced with the temptation to apply sub-Gospel reasoning in our attempt to explain why we and other people perpetuate evil and practice sin.)

And here are even more discussion starters...

How does our ingratitude reveal misdirected worship? How often do we think the world or God owes us a living, health, success, and comfort?

How often is your idolatry exposed? Who or what have you made the goal of your life to which you devote your time and energy and affections? Is your career, comfort, security, family, relationships, or anything else in your life teetering on the edge of idolatry?

What kind of attitude do you have toward fellow Christians? Those who are not Christians?

How does God respond to mankind's refusal to give thanks to Him?

What does Paul teach about homosexual desires and how does it illustrate his main point that idolatry leads to immorality?

Take an honest self-examination. In what ways are your desires out of order? What do you want that you know you should not want? What do you do not want that you know you should what?

How do your "out of order" desires show up in your "out of order" heart?

In what ways do you want others, including fellow believers, to think that your sinful behavior is acceptable and understandable?


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