The Battle with Sin Within, Part 1 Romans 7:14-25

June 10, 2018 Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Romans

Topic: Romans Passage: Romans 7:14–7:25

Discussion Questions:

Read Romans 7:14-25; Galatians 3:22-25, 5:16-18; 1 John 3:1-10, 5:1-5.

  1. Why is it so difficult for us to confess our sinfulness and our specific sins?
  2. Why are we so prone to judge others but not ourselves?
  3. Who in your life can you welcome (or have you welcomed), to tell you the truth about you? 
  4. As you grow in your understanding of sanctification, think about and discuss how a thoroughly biblical view of the battle with sin within affects your views of temptation; confession of sin; accountability for thoughts, words, and actions; your interactions with people; your mercifulness vs. judgmentalness; our fight against sin and our trust in Christ. 
  5. Why do you think God saves us and leaves us in this battle until He calls us home or Christ returns?
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