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July 9, 2023

Brought Near by the Blood of Christ

Speaker: Mike Sciarra Series: Glorious Grace Topic: Brought Near by the Blood of Christ Passage: Ephesians 2:11–13

Sermon Application Questions:

  1. Of the five characteristics of those outside of Christ, which were you aware of as an unbeliever? When did you become aware of them?
  2. How crucial are these to know when you are preaching the gospel? 
  3. Which of the five might you winsomely communicate to unbelievers?
  4. How does knowledge of the blood of Christ being shed on your behalf humble your heart and cause you to be grateful? How does it change your mindset and relationships?
  5. Try writing a brief four line poem that restates in your words the truth of God’s grace and mercy in the gospel applied to your heart and life.

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